Semi-Formal Dance

by Aditi Deokar


March 5, 2019

Last Friday, many Boston University Academy students came to the Mardi Gras themed semi-formal dance. There were a few who dressed on the casual side, looking like they came straight from school, but most came with more formal, but colorful, dresses, suits and ties. The colors were heightened by the Mardi Gras colored green, purple, and gold disco lights, necklaces, and masks decorating the room. Audrey Lin ’22 said the theme was “very interesting and well done.” Students enjoyed the photo booth, cramming nearly a dozen kids in there at once with silly crowns, feather boas, and masks.

But of course, one of the most important parts of a dance is the music. Unfortunately, according to Audrey and others, the music consisted of “popular songs that were not always the best for dancing.” Perhaps the idea of having students vote on the music had good intentions but not the best consequences. Especially at the beginning, very few kids were out on the dance floor, but later it did get very crowded. After all that dancing in uncomfortable shoes, many students, including Audrey, found the back room very helpful “for people to rest” when their feet hurt. All in all, the semi-formal was a great dance with especially nice decorations, but the popular music was not always good for dancing.

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