Massachusetts Science Olympiad

by Aditi Deokar


March 29, 2019

On Saturday, March 23, 14 BUA juniors and seniors (and one sophomore) spent their last weekend of spring break at the Massachusetts State Science Olympiad at Framingham State University. We ranked 38th out of 54 teams, and we did really well in a few of the events. David Pu ’19 and Grace McDonough ’19 placed 6th in Python Code, the highest score that BUA got in any of the events! The next best event was Mystery Architecture (where teams had to build a structure out of materials during the competition that were not revealed until it started), in which June Ahn ’20 and I placed 11th. The third best was Fossils (where teams use fossils to date and correlate rock units as well as complete tasks related to fossil identification and classification), in which Sarah Snyder ’20 and Rachel Wang ’20 placed 12th. Continuing with more stellar results, June Ahn ’20 and Rachel Wang ’20 placed 15th in Write it Do it (where one participant writes a description of an object and how to build it, and the other participant attempts to construct the object from this description). Aaron Revoir ’19 and June Ahn ’20 placed 16th in Chemistry Lab (where teams take a test and perform a lab involving a specific theme of chemistry). Grace McDonough ’19 and Sarah Snyder ’20 placed 18th in Fermi Questions (where teams provide answers to a series of science related questions that seek fast, rough estimates of a difficult or impossible to measure quantity). Matthew Auguste ’19 and Allison Pellegrino ’19 placed 20th in Anatomy and Physiology (where participants take a written test on anatomy and physiology). We performed reasonably well in almost all the events that we participated in. Congratulations to everyone! The full team consisted of, alphabetically, June Ahn ’20, Matthew Auguste ’19, Allie Burdi ’20, Allison Pellegrino ’19, Aditi Deokar ’21, Nataly Kaldawy ’20, Grace McDonough ’19, Sonya Poznansky ’20, Anisha Prakash ’20, David Pu ’19, Aaron Revoir ’19, Sarah Snyder ’20, Sumedha Vemparala ’20, and Rachel Wang ’20.

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