Greece Trip

by Amaya Willis


March 31, 2019

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     BUA students and teachers took a trip to Greece during spring break. Serena Lei for The Scarlet Letter

This year’s spring break trip was from March 9, 2019 to March 17, 2019 in Greece. A group of about fifty, which included both students and teachers, participated in the expedition organized by Mrs. Brown. Many of the travelers not only got to know each other better, but also got a chance to enjoy scenic areas, fun history, and new culture. The group started their exploration of Greece in Athens, where they toured its many renowned landmarks. A highlight of the tour was a visit to the Parthenon, a famed temple that embodies the amazing architectural skill of the ancient Greeks. From Athens, the group proceeded to Delphi, a beautiful, historic town. In Delphi, the travelers learned stories related to the Temple of Apollo, which was once inhabited by the honored Oracle of Delphi. Many enjoyed Delphi and its scenery. The group next journeyed to Olympia, where they partook in a guided tour of Ancient Olympia, before returning to Athens to participate in a treasure hunt in one of its scenic neighborhoods, Plaka. With the expedition almost over, the students and teachers went on a Saronic Gulf cruise, which gave them a chance to explore three lovely islands. Serena Lei, a student who especially enjoyed the cruise, described Hydra, the first island they arrived at, as occupied by many animals, which included donkeys one could ride around town, and Poros, the second island, as possessing a grand clock tower as well as an amazing view. Aegina, the final island, was a former capital of Greece famed for its pistachios and seafood. The last day of the journey was spent at Cape Sounion, a place known for the historic Temple of Poseidon and its breathtaking sunset. Overall, every person who went on the Greece trip enjoyed their time there and everything that came with it. If you get a chance, do yourself a favor and go on one of the spring break trips!

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