Class of 2019: What Advice Do You Have for BUA Students?

by Aditi Deokar, Amaya Willis, and Zoe Xi


May 18, 2019
“If you have a class you like, go to office hours to talk about it.” —Matthew Auguste
“As a BUA student, you should take advantage of all the opportunities you have through BU and be willing to branch out and explore all the things you are interested in.” —Annie Burgett
“Reach out to your professors.” —Alexa Dudek
“Do the reading in most classes.” —Nicholas Landman
“Manage your time well, especially for your first year, because the homework will take longer than you think.” —Dakang Peng
“Sometimes all-nighters are a bad idea. If you don’t know something by a certain time, it’s better to sleep, since your brain stores learned info when you sleep.” —Rose Peña
“Find something you’re interested in. You’re dedicating a lot of time to researching, so you should do what you like.” —Allison Pellegrino [on senior theses]
“Keep track of deadlines and make sure to stay in contact with your thesis advisor afterwards.” —Shidong Xu [on senior theses]

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