November Art: Museum of Fine Arts Programs

by Amaya Willis


November 13, 2019

November was a great month for our BUA artists. The AR25 classes have worked on replicating Van Gogh’s At Eternity’s Gate and Picasso’s Portrait of Igor Stravinsky. These projects focus on using the right side of the brain while drawing and help develop artists’ intuition. AR50 focused on expressions and emotion in art through color schemes; these students have primarily used oil pastels to create expression and different subject matter like plants or dogs. The AR80 class spent their time creating landscapes with oil pastels after finishing their charcoal close ups of life forms.

illustrations by AR25; photo credits: Amaya Willis


 Fruits and Vegetables

illustrations by AR80; photo credits: Amaya Willis

As for art outside of our small school community, there are many opportunities to explore! At the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), there are two teen programs that would be great for BUA students to participate in. The first is the Teen Arts Council, “the MFA’s leadership development program and paid job opportunity for Boston-area teens.”¹ The council consults with professionals about career paths in the fields of art and interacts with their communities while learning more about art, its uses, and its history. The team at the MFA also has a STEAM team, “a new paid fellowship program for Boston teens that builds upon the STEAM education platform (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math),” for students interested in art and STEM.² It would be a great opportunity to learn and engage in art while making money.

If more information is needed, see these sites or email for more details. Anyone who is interested in taking a passion for art outside of school is encouraged to try out these programs!

¹“Teen Arts Council,” Museum of Fine Arts, accessed November 13, 2019, council.

²“STEAM Team,” Museum of Fine Arts, accessed November 13, 2019,

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