Semi-Formal: Planning the Dance

by Anna Augart and Tatum Mueller


February 27, 2020

BUA’s annual Semi-Formal took place at the BU Photonics Center on Valentine’s Day! The room was decorated with colorful lights, featured a photo booth and lots of snacks, and had tables covered in glow sticks and Mardi Gras necklaces. Many BUA students attended this fun event. There were people dancing all night long!

We interviewed Lizzie Seward, one of the freshman Student Council representatives on the Events sub-committee that helped plan Semi-Formal. She told us that during the Events meetings, the committee members completed several tasks to organize the dance. Lizzie said, “We scheduled things like the photo booth, ordered the food, and we booked the DJ.” They also created the song request form that was sent out to all the BUA students, and they went over all the requested songs to make the playlist used by the DJ. On the day of the event, Student Council prepared the venue, setting out food and decorating it with lights, including the iconic heart-shaped lights that everyone posed in front of for Instagram photos. The BUA community sends a big thank you to Student Council for making Semi-Formal possible!

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