March Art: Boston University Programs

by Amaya Willis


March 25, 2020

While no art is able to be documented this month because of the closure of the school, there is still an art opportunity for the artists of our community. This month’s opportunity is Boston University’s Visual Arts Summer Institution (VASI). This program runs for four weeks and is an on-campus experience. BU’s VASI program gives in-depth classes and workshops for aspiring artists and those who wish to build a portfolio. The program is available for all high school students, will earn students three college credits, and helps students piece together a portfolio with photos of their work. It is a great experience not only for those looking into a career in art and those moving forward to college with art in mind, but also for those who are looking at BU as an option for college. Sadly, the application deadline for this year has passed, but there’s always next year! 

For information about the application process, you can email me at or check out VASI’s website at

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