The Little Details: What Makes Me Happy

by Olga Meserman


February 22, 2021

Although this month and year might have been overshadowed by negative news, it’s a relief that not all is bad. There are some things, the little details, that have made me happy these past few weeks.

We all know the Bernie Sanders meme that went viral on inauguration day, but something that most people might not know is that merchandise from this meme has raised over 1.8 million dollars for charity.1 Even BUA took part in the trend, posting on their Instagram a series of photos with the picture, photoshopping Bernie on his now iconic chair into a few locations on campus.

Earlier this week, I went to a small bookshop in my town. It has a really big used book section, where I found some great books to read, including some special edition books. I’m especially excited to get around to reading One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus, a mystery surrounding the murder of a high school student. 

The sunsets throughout winter have been absolutely amazing. On a late afternoon, take some time to look through your window and watch the sunset. It’s definitely worth it. The colors are beautiful — a few weeks ago, I saw sunsets the colors of pink and blue cotton candy. 

It’s gorgeous outside when it snows. I love watching the snow fall from the window in my room. I really like winter, even though we don’t have snow days this year. The snow that appeared on February 9 made me happy: I went outside and made a snowman, something that I haven’t done in a while. I was excited to see my neighbors also building a snowman, a very impressive one, standing seven feet tall.

I’d encourage you to find things that make you happy this week. They don’t have to be big: take time for yourself; go to a bookstore; watch the sunset; build a snowman — it doesn’t have to be seven feet tall.

1 Judy Cole, “Bernie Sanders Memes And Mittens Have Now Raised Over $1.8 Million for Charity,” Good News Network, January 28, 2021,

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