Freshman Student Council Elections

by Joie Liu and Tatum Mueller


October 17, 2019

With the student council elections coming up this Thursday, please take some time to read through this article and get to know the 9th grade candidates: Condredge Currie, Alex Jin, Ittai Nelken-Regev, Ajay Raman, Rishi Roy, Lizzie Seward, and Matthew Volfson! Although some of them already chose to tell us about their plans and goals for this year, we expect to hear more about their ideas during their speeches on Thursday. We wish them all the best of luck with their campaigns. There are only three 9th grade positions available, so be prepared to vote for three people. As you read, keep in mind that you will hear all of them speak on Thursday during class meeting, so don’t make any final decisions yet!

Condredge Currie

Condredge is eager to contribute towards BUA’s success in any way that he can, whether it be through changes in policy, fun events, etc. He wants to make school an enjoyable experience for everyone.

“I am eager to create a pleasant and cohesive environment that we as the class of ’23 and those who follow will be able to enjoy to the fullest while we walk these great halls.” 

Alex Jin

Alex’s main goals for the student council this year include relieving stress for students, and we expect to hear more about the ways in which he plans to do so during his speech on Thursday.

“As an elected representative for student council, I want the best for those I represent. For me, that includes relieving stress by optimizing student schedules (for example, postponing final week school start times) and increasing representation by streamlining feedback processes and listening more to what students have to say. If I am elected, I will devote myself to my public duty.”

Ittai Nelken-Regev

Ittai is clearly dedicated to student council, and he will put in the effort to make real changes in our school.

“I hope to reduce student stress levels, and I am ready to make the required commitments that it takes as a member of the student council.”

Ajay Raman

Ajay is committed to student council; he has attended every student council meeting during Friday academic block since the beginning of the year. Although he also attends MUN, he says that he will put in the effort and time necessary to be an active member of student council. 

“I am very passionate about student council and wish to accurately represent the Class of 2023 in the Student Council in order to make change in the BUA community.”

Rishi Roy

Rishi is committed to student council, and he has been present at the student council meetings. He enjoys public speaking, traveling to other countries, drawing, and track. 

“One of the reasons I am running for student council is because I want to help ensure that all students get their voices heard. Everyone wants to get their opinion across, so I want to make sure no one is left out of decision making. I believe that my creative touch can contribute a lot to the BUA community, and I’m extremely serious about the upcoming election. If I am chosen, student council will be a top priority for me.”

Lizzie Seward

Lizzie is dedicated to student council, and she has been present at student council meetings.

“I’m running because I want to help the community.”

Matthew Volfson

Matthew is interested in history and politics, and in addition to student council, he is a dedicated member of MUN. 

“Though I have not been in student council before, I am still interested in political affairs and working and talking with real people about real issues. Last year, my friend Evan and I worked at his school to start a Green Club encouraging middle schoolers to be more environmentally conscious. At one point, one third of our middle school joined the club. But I don’t think that this is the only important description of my experience and eagerness to connect and voice the opinions of other fellow students. I believe that it is possible for me to push teachers and other important school officials to a certain level to increase the power of the student council. Also, I want to encourage BUA students to be more respectful of our environment, specifically, starting a new trash pickup close to the highway next to our school. Additionally, I want to have a fundraiser to increase the power of our student clubs by possibly selling hot chocolate and cookies every Monday at the school.”

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